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Amber Helix 1.05 Update

2013-04-30 09:05:52 by AmberHelix

Amber Helix has been updated to v1.05.

- You can now sort your drones by the stat of your choice.
- You can now see the names of equipped drones.
- Fixed a bug that made Sector 27 impossible to complete.

Amber Helix 1.04 Update

2013-04-29 14:53:37 by AmberHelix

Amber Helix has been updated to v1.04.

- Added a new kind of freighter that always drops drones.
- Loot has been rebalanced. Changes will only affect new drones and not the ones you already have.
- Enemies now sometimes drop drones not of their type.
- Fixed a bug that caused loot to have their projectile bonus broken.
- Lowered Battle Hardened damage bonus to 0.25.

Amber Helix 1.03 Update

2013-04-28 11:08:28 by AmberHelix

Amber Helix has been updated to v1.03.

- A random loot system has been added. Enemies will sometimes drop small drones that can be equipped to give you bonuses. Salvaging increases these drops.
- You can now click on the version number in the main menu to read the changelog.
- The player can no longer fly behind the HUD.
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to fly off stage.

Amber Helix 1.02 Update

2013-04-23 06:15:00 by AmberHelix

Amber Helix has been updated to v1.02.

- There is now a new training level that functions as a tutorial and can be used to get easier experience in the early game.
- The difficulty levels has been more accurately named: Normal, Hard and Death.
- Regeneration now regenerates a percentage of max shield/armour per second, making it more useful the more shield/armour you have.
- The hidden boss has been made harder.

Amber Helix 1.01 Update

2013-04-21 13:27:24 by AmberHelix

Amber Helix has been updated to v1.01.

- You can now see your current stats in stage select.
- Left and right Ctrl can now also be used to fire.
- Mines no longer explode while hidden behind the HUD.
- Controls can now be viewed while playing if the game is paused.
- Fixed a bug where the Battle Hardened feat would make your damage too high.